Student Expectations

Detention Policy

Beginning on Monday December 1st, KAPPA International will reinstate after-school detention from 3:15 to 4:15 each day. (2:15 to 3:15 on Mondays)

Why will students be held for after school detention?

1. Students who are late for more than 2 classes in a day will get detention.  

2. Students who skip class will always have a detention the next day.

3. Students may receive detention from the dean or principal as a result of some behavior that disrupts the learning environment. 

4. Students who are given a shorter (15-30 min) detention from a teacher and do not show up to that detention will receive an hour long administrative detention the next day.

5. Students will receive detention for dressing inappropriately or for being out of uniform for the 2nd time in any given week. 

What will happen during detention?

1. Detention will be in room 301 and will begin promptly at 3:15 (2:15 on Mondays).  

2. Students may not enter detention late unless escorted by a staff person who vouches for the student's reason for being late. 

3. Students may not talk to each other during detention. 

4. Students may not put their heads down during detention. 

5. Students may not wear hats or hoods during detention.

6. All students will fill out a self-reflection form during each detention. Students who do not complete a self-reflection form will not receive credit for detention.

7. Students must be working on the self-reflection, doing work for classes, or reading a book at all times.  Students who are not actively doing one of those activities will not receive credit for detention.

8. Detention is dismissed at 4:15 (3:15 on Mondays). Any student who gets up to leave before detention is dismissed will not receive credit for having served detention.

9. Any student who earns 3 detentions in a week for any reason will not be allowed to return to classes without a parent meeting.

10. Any teacher may "rescue" a student from detention at any time if that teacher agrees to keep the student until at least the end of the detention period and take responsibility for making sure the student is productive during that time.  This is to ensure that detention does not prevent students from attending extra help sessions or making up quizzes or exams.

Students who are not following basic behavior expectations will be given no more than 1 warning and then they will be asked to leave and will not receive credit for detention on that day.