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Directory of Faculty and Staff

KAPPA International High School                                         

School Year 2014-2015

Dept. Position Name Contact Email Website
Admin Principal Panorea Panagiosoulis principal.penny@kappainternational.org
Admin Assistant Principal Andrew Clayman prof.clayman@kappainternational.org
Admin Dean of Students Michael Paulson prof.paulson@kappainternational.org
Arts Arts Dept. Head Tara Brancato prof.brancato@kappainternational.org     Site
Arts Music Teacher Olivia Malin prof.malin@kappainternational.org
Arts Drama / College Counselor Veronica Quinn prof.quinn@kappainternational.org     Site
Arts Visual Arts Teacher John Mejias prof.mejias@kappainternational.org
English English Dept. Head Joseph McCormack prof.mccormack@kappainternational.org     Site
English English Teacher James Boyle prof.jboyle@kappainternational.org
English English Teacher Kevin Vachna prof.vachna@kappainternational.org
English English Teacher Joseph Papa prof.papa@kappainternational.org
English English Teacher Dalma Ward prof.ward@kappainternational.org
History History Dept. Head Amy Boyd prof.boyd@kappainternational.org     Site
History History Teacher Viraj Desai prof.desai@kappainternational.org
History History Teacher Elizabeth Calvert-Kilbane prof.ck@kappainternational.org
History History Teacher Kathleen Glatthaar prof.glatthaar@kappainternational.org
History History Teacher Hope Savich prof.savich@kappainternational.org
Language Language Dept. Head Mabel Mateo prof.mateo@kappainternational.org
Language French Teacher Megan Cohen prof.cohen@kappainternational.orgSite
Language Spanish Teacher Solmerina Aponte prof.aponte@kappainternational.org
Math Math Dept. Head Justin Mulvey prof.mulvey@kappainternational.org     Site
Math Math Teacher Hager Youssef prof.youssef@kappainternational.org
Math Math Teacher Taylor French prof.french@kappainternational.org     Site
Math Math Teacher Cassandre Felix prof.felix@kappainternational.org
Phys Ed. Phys Ed. Dept. Head Wilson Diaz prof.diaz@kappainternational.org
Phys Ed. Phys Ed. Teacher Raluca Gruin prof.gruin@kappainternational.org
Phys Ed. Phys Ed. Teacher Srecko Mavrek prof.mavrek@kappainternational.org
Science Science Dept. Head Casey Smith prof.smith@kappainternational.org
Science Science Teacher Maydda Qureshi prof.qureshi@kappainternational.org
Science Science Teacher Luther Copeland prof.copeland@kappainternational.org
Science Science Teacher Jessica Boyle prof.boyle@kappainternational.org Site
Science Science Teacher Laura Wang prof.wang@kappainternational.org
IST Guidance Counselor Shelley Standish prof.standish@kappainternational.org
IST ESL Specialist Samantha Cass prof.cass@kappainternational.org
IST ESL Specialist Sarah Van Etten prof.vanetten@kappainternational.org
IST ESL Specialist Tammy Wang prof.twang@kappainternational.org
IST History Special Education Caitlin Biello prof.biello@kappainternational.org
IST History Special Education Cathlin Norris prof.norris@kappainternational.org
IST History/ELA Special Education Anne Beggs prof.beggs@kappainternational.org
IST English Special Education Jacqueline Pomar prof.pomar@kappainternational.org
IST Math Special Education Michael Gallin prof.gallin@kappainternational.org
IST Science Special Education Vanessa Keen prof.keen@kappainternational.org
Support Teacher Support Jean Borg dean.borg@kappainternational.org
Support Secretary to the Principal Leslian Gomez dean.gomez@kappainternational.org
Support Support Staff Anna Nikolopoulos dean.nikolopoulos@kappainternational.org
Support Parent Coordinator Juan Caamano dean.caamano@kappainternational.org
Support Attendance Coordinator Miskenia Santana dean.santana@kappainternational.org
Support Health Corps Coordinator Courtney Reynolds prof.reynolds@kappainternational.org
Dept. Position Name Contact Email Website