Dress Code

Uniform Policy

You are expected to be in proper uniform every day. The only exceptions to this policy are dress down or school spirit celebration days.

The KAPPA Uniform includes:

    • Navy blue or light blue KAPPA polo
    • KAPPA branded and approved t-shirts
    • Khaki pants or finger-tip length khaki skirts
    • Neutral solid-colored sweaters (navy blue, white, beige, black, gray)
    • KAPPA branded and approved sweaters or hoodies

Articles of Clothing NOT allowed at KAPPA:

    • Striped or other patterned sweaters or hoodies
    • Clothing with logos other than the KAPPA logo
    • Khaki Shorts
    • Hats

Consequences for not following the uniform policy

IF you violate the uniform policy, your parent/guardian will be called and your ID will be put on hold the following day.

IF you show up out of uniform the FOLLOWING DAY your parent/guardian will be required to come in for a parent meeting.

If you have any questions, you can email info@kappainternational.org.