Download the KAPPA IB Extended Essay Workbook

Need to do Research? - Wikipedia is not a source (because it changes over time), but go here first for background information and to find links to sources. - Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles. - The best place to find academic articles to use as sources. Ask your professor for a password. - A free database of old newspapers that you can search. - Another free database of old newspapers. - Cool site to help you find useful sites. - Another search site for academic sources. - The government's site for official records - Economic information about any country in the world. - The website for the Library of Congress: the largest library in the world. With fully digital materials available online. - A "Free personal assistant." Free software that helps you collect and organize research. a presentation I made with research tips. Check it out for more information.

Need help with citations? - This website will guide you as you cite your sources. It automatically builds a bibliography for your research papers.

Need FREE online versions of books? - Free audiobooks!!!! - Free books, audiobooks, movies, and college courses! - Great site.